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Glenalbyn Staycity Mixed Singles Tournament

posted 25 Oct 2017, 08:03 by Philip Mulligan

Thanks to Kunal for organising a mixed singles tournament which will start the first week of November. 

The winners (1 man/1 woman) get a free night stay at any of the Staycity aparthotels on

Based on the responses, players will be organised into mixed groups & each player has to play everyone else in their group. 

The players need to organise matches themselves over a 4-6 week period. 

Please only enter the competition if you are willing to organize & complete all your matches by the deadline. If not, we will tally up the total points anyways so you might lose out to others who have completed their matches.

AGP Tour Regulations (Association of Glenalbyn Professionals!)
- Players will be split into groups & everyone plays each other in a round robin format.
- Each match is 2 full tie-break sets. The scoring system is like a football table i.e. 3 points if you win both sets, 1 point if you win a set each, and 0 if you lose both.
- The player with the highest number of points wins their group. 
- The criteria for winning the voucher is one gladiator & one gladiatrice with the most number of points across all groups. In the event of a tie, number of wins gets next priority. If that doesn’t solve it, the vouchers go to the winners from the higher group.
- There is no entry fee.
- Email Kunal at or text him the result at 0870650356, a spreadsheet will be shared periodically with the tally. A sheet will also be put up on the noticeboard for you to update. 

Please let Kunal know if you like to enter by 27 Oct latest. Then I can sit with Philip to organize the groups & we will unleash you into the ring from 1st November.