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Mixed Doubles Tournament - November

posted 21 Oct 2015, 02:27 by Philip Mulligan

A Mixed Doubles tournament will start Sunday evening 8th November and will run for 4 weeks finishing on Sunday November 29th. Prize giving will take place at the Christmas Party. Prizes will be a Turkey voucher for top woman and man in each group.

 The format will be the same as the Ladies and Men’s tournament as follows:

  • Players will be graded into Groups of 8 (4 Women and 4 Men)
  • Each woman will partner each man over the first 4 weeks and play against different pairings.
  • Matches will be 17 games with the last game being a tie-break. Every game won represents a point for both players on the team. The woman and man with the most points after the 4 matches are the winners of that group.
  • If a player cannot play a particular match then that player MUST arrange a sub of SAME STANDARD to play for them. This is vital to the smooth running of the tournament.
  • Entry fee is €10 to cover prizes and lights
  • Full set of rules before the tournament starts

Matches will be played on Sunday evenings. The maximum number of players will be 48 (24 women and 24 men). This would give us 6 groups of 8 so 3 groups would play at 18:00 until 19:15 and 3 groups from 19:15 until 20:30. These timings etc will be confirmed once we know how many people want to play as we might not get the full 48.

So please email before Saturday 31st if you are interested in taking part of if you do not wish to take part let me know if it would be ok to include you on the subs list.