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Mixed Singles - November

posted 21 Oct 2015, 02:33 by Philip Mulligan

A mixed singles tournament is starting in November. Players will be graded into groups of 4 based on ability and there will be mixed groups. Each player has to play each other player in the group so there will be 3 matches which players need to organise themselves over 4-5 weeks.

Please only enter the competition if you are willing to organise the matches otherwise the competition will drag on. You must keep to the timetable set out in the fixtures when they are sent out.  

The format of the tournament will be as follows:

Players will be split into groups of 4 and each player will play each other.

Matches will be 13 games i.e. 6 service games each and a tie break

Players will sort out light tokens between themselves for each match (if needed)

Email or text Philip the result at the end of the match

There will be no entry fee or prizes

Whoever finishes top in their group will be promoted to the group above and players finishing bottom will be relegated to group below

Write match beside your names on the signing on sheet so you get to finish however, please leave the courts at the end of the match if there are people waiting on a court even if you have time left on the lights.

Please email before Thursday 29th October if you wish to take part as we want to start it the first week in November.