Members Section

Following a number of security problems, we would ask all members using the side gate by Court 3 to ensure that it is locked behind them at all times.

Notice regarding Gate Access from CAR PARK to Tennis Courts:  This EMERGENCY ACCESS GATE is NOT to be used as a means of access to the Tennis Courts at any time other than an emergency.

When the Clubhouse is locked, please use the side gate (near Court 3).  The access code for that gate can be obtained from any committee member.  Please ensure that this gate is kept locked at all times. 

We would also ask all members to please, close the gates to the tennis courts, as we have already incurred unnecessary expense in maintenance work.

Recently, some cars were broken into in the car park.  Please be careful if leaving anything in your car. Please ensure that all valuables are kept in the locked boot.

Neil Stone-Wigg,
21 Apr 2011, 09:55