Club Information

Good News - Tennis Balls are now available for purchase in the Club Shop

Dunlop Fort Tennis Balls are now available to purchase in the Club Shop for €8 per tin. Shop opening hours are Thursday evenings from 7.30pm until 9.00pm and Saturday mornings from 10am until 1.30pm. Thanks to Brendan Sweeney for suggesting the idea and to Jean Carr in the shop for making it happen. Please support the shop when you are purchasing your next set of tennis balls.

Also available in limited numbers are Glenalbyn TC Ladies tops in sizes 10 and 12 for €30.

Booking System Reminders

The booking system can be found at and is simple to use. You must set up an account before making a booking however, if you already have a google, facebook or twitter login you can use that login rather than setting up a new one. Reminder please cancel your booking if you decide not to play for some reason so that someone else can use the court. Also please make sure you include all the names of those playing (including your own) in the Booking title field. Thanks

Tennis Racquet Restringing

Rapid Restring Delivery (RRD), Ireland are offering us competitive rates on Tennis Racquet Restringing. Check out their poster in the conservatory or their website

Shoe Covers

We have put a box of white shoe covers in the conservatory in case you wish to go to the café/bar and you do not have a change of shoes with you or you may have a visitor playing who does not have a change. Feel free to take a set and put them in your tennis bag – we will replenish stocks as necessary.