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Constitution Update Sept-2011:

Tennis Ireland would like all affiliated clubs to adopt the new Complaint, Objection & Disciplinary Rules and Procedures for Irish Tennis as approved by the Board of Tenis Ireland on 22-Oct-2010. These Rules and Procedures replace any earlier Disciplinary Rules and Procedures in use in the sport of tennis.

At the the AGM of Glenalbyn Tennis Club (Weds 19-Oct-2011), we will vote on this amendment to our consitution. Please read the attachment at the bottom of this page for the full rules.

Glenalbyn Tennis Club Constitution 2008

1. Name and Objectives

The Club shall be called Glenalbyn Tennis Club and shall have for its objectives the provision of tennis and other facilities for its members.

2.     Constitution

The Club, created by Kilmacud Glenalbyn Sports Club to manage the tennis facilities of the sports club, is constituted by these Rules.

3.     Affiliation

The Club shall maintain affiliation to Tennis Ireland and shall adopt and conform to its rules in so far as they apply to tennis matters.

4.     Management of the Club

The management of Glenalbyn Tennis Club and its tennis facilities club shall be in the entire control of a committee, which shall be responsible for same to the Board of Kilmacud Glenalbyn Sports Club. The committee shall comprise of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Men’s Captain, Ladies Captain, Men’s Vice Captain, Ladies Vice Captain and six ordinary members, three of whom will be appointed by the committee to act as Tournament Director, Junior Director and Social Director. All nominations. for Officer positions must be submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary, Glenalbyn Tennis Club at least seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Before such submissions are made, the proposer must obtain the written agreement of the nominee. All shall be elected for the year at the annual general meeting, except that the committee shall have power to fill by co-option any vacancy that arises during the year. A chairperson may not serve for more than three consecutive years in any one term. The Committee shall make and revise Club Regulations and shall have power to decide any matter not provided for by the constitution. They shall at least six times in every year and additionally as required. The quorum at a Committee meeting shall be five and in the event of equality, the Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote. Minutes of the proceedings of every meeting shall be recorded by the Hon. Secretary and the minutes shall be signed by the Chairperson at the next meeting. The committee may delegate any part of its duties to one or more sub-committees. All sub-committees must be chaired by a member of the Committee who will ensure that sub-committees operate within the constitution and the policies of the Committee

All complaints regarding tennis matters should be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary who must present them at the first subsequent meeting of the Committee for consideration.

5.     General Meetings

An annual general meeting shall be held each year between October 1st and November 30th. The committee shall call an extraordinary general meeting at its discretion or within fourteen days of receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a requisition signed by fifteen members, stating the business to be transacted.Any member wishing to propose a resolution at the annual general meeting must send a copy thereof to the Honorary Secretary at least seven days before the meeting so that provision may be made on the Agenda. The Honorary Secretary shall give every member (other than temporary members) at least seven days notice of any general meeting, with a copy of the agenda.The business of the annual general meeting shall be the confirmation of the minutes of the previous annual general meeting, the consideration of the Committee’s report, the Honorary Treasurer’s accounts for the year, the election of officers and Committee for the Ensuing year, the appointment of an Honorary auditor and any items of which notice has been given and details included on the agenda. The business of an extraordinary general meeting shall be in accordance with the requisition under which it was summoned and the agenda issued. At the annual general meeting further business may be accepted at the discretion of the Chairman provided that it does not call for an alteration to the Constitution, the borrowing of money or any expenditure not within the immediate financial resources of the club. Every member (other than temporary members) shall be entitled to be present and to speak at any general meeting and, if aged 18 or over, to vote thereat. In the event of equality the chairman shall have a second or casting vote. At any general meeting, the quorum shall be fifteen members who are entitled to vote.

6      Club President:

A Club President will be elected by the AGM for a term of three years. The President shall no executive powers and will be required to act on the advice of the committee. The Club President will preside at formal club occasions and will represent the club as requested by the committee.

7   Membership & Subscriptions;

There shall be the following classes of membership;

Family Membership

Adult Membership

Junior Membership

Honorary Life Membership

Temporary Membership

The subscription year runs from January 1st. to December 31st.

Subscriptions rates shall be set by the Board of Kilmacud Sports Club in advance of the subscription year.

 Family, Adult & Junior Members whose subscriptions are not paid February 1st. shall not be entitled to the full privileges of membership until their fees are paid and if they are not paid by March 1st. they will cease to be members and will have to reapply for re-election. Any re-election will then be subject to the normal entry procedures. A member who is over twenty- one years of age and in full-time employment must pay full tennis fees and will be regarded as an adult member.   In pursuance of best practice in children’s sport, the Club will comply with the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport in Ireland, as promulgated by the Irish Sports Council.

Honorary life membership of Glenalbyn Tennis Club may only be granted to a member of the tennis club by the Board of Kilmacud Glenalbyn Sports Club following a recommendation by the Committee of Glenalbyn Tennis Club, which will only be made if two thirds or more of the Committee vote in favour.

Temporary Honorary Membership

Every member of a visiting match team shall be an Honorary Member for the day of the match and every competitor at an Open Tournament (and in the case of a competitor under 18, his parents or guardians) shall be Honorary Members for the period of the Tournament.

Temporary members who are not permanently resident or working within 50 miles of the Club, may be admitted at the discretion of the Chairman or Honorary Secretary for a period not exceeding one calendar month and for a fee to be decided by the Committee.


8. Election of Members

Recommendations to the Board of Kilmacud Glenalbyn Sports Club for Honorary life membership of Glenalbyn Tennis Club shall be strictly limited and at the discretion of the Committee, as a reward for special services to the Tennis Club.

For other classes of membership provided in Rule 7, a candidate shall be proposed and seconded for tennis membership by members on a form to be provided for this purpose. Each application for tennis membership will be considered by the  Committee whose recommendation to the Board of Kilmacud Glenalbyn Sports Club shall be by a simple majority and  shall be final. The committee shall have the power to limit the numbers of tennis members in the respective classes if they consider this necessary. The subscription and bond, if applicable, of a new member shall be paid with the application which case;

·      it will be returned if election to membership does not take place

·      at the discretion of the Chairman or Hon. Secretary, the candidate may be allowed to use the tennis club’s facilities pending the committee’s consideration of his or her application.


9      Membership Cards:

A current year’s membership card will be issued promptly to all members on payment of the annual fees. Members must produce their membership card as proof of membership whenever requested to do so by Tennis Club or Sports Club officers.


10   Suspension:

The committee shall have powers to suspend the tennis membership of any member or to exclude from tennis facilities any tennis member, sports club member or visitor whom it considers guilty of a breach of this constitution or of club regulations or of misconduct or offensive behaviour to any other member, visitor or employee, whether on the club’s premises or elsewhere. Suspensions under this rule will be referred within seven days to the Board of Kilmacud Glenalbyn Sports Club.